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Our Pineapples are grown in many of Mexico's most fertile regions, where just like with our Persian Limes & Hass Avocados, the Tropical Savanna Climate allows for optimal pineapple production. We're continuously harvesting throughout the year, and are therefore able to provide our customers with a year-round supply of pineapples.

We offer the MD2 Golden Pineapple variety, which is known for its high brix level (therefore making it sweeter), juicy taste, and long shelf life. MD2's are also known for bearing fruit with consistency in size and uniform ripeness. Additionally, this unique variety is known to contain higher levels of Vitamin C than most varieties on the market.

Our Pineapples are available in 25LB (11.34kgs) cartons in different counts and color ranges, according to customer preference. Reach out today to learn more or to be placed on our weekly price list! Pricing is set every Monday after the first harvest of the week.